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  Web Browser for People with Motor Impairment

An open source light weight web browser that allows easy dissemination of information through World Wide Web for people with motor impairment. The browser is augmented with both auto-matic as well as manual scanning mechanisms through which a motordisorder person can access its GUI. Further, the browser pro-vides an intelligent content scanning mechanism through which the web contents can be accessed with less time and cognitive e ffort. Along with the desktop version, the browser is also successfully ported on Aakash tablets that make the system portable.

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  Android-based Physics Virtual Lab

The objective of this project is to develop a virtual laboratory for carrying out physics experiments in android-based devices (e.g., tablets). This laboratory framework will help the students to run predesigned experiments for practice and design arbitrary experiments to test certain laws or concepts.

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  Aakash Communication Devices


  Aakash Bani

A Voice Output Communication Aid (VOCA) is an electrical device that assists people who are unable to use natural speech to express their needs and exchange information with other people during a conversation. The VOCAs store pre-recorded messages, which are produced in the form of digitized speech when the user presses an image. The most elaborate VOCAs include software that allows users to create and combine words to produce novel utterances in the form of computerized synthetic speech. SNLTR has recently developed a VOCA system for people with autism. This would definitely enable autistic persons to use tablets running on Android platform seamlessly.


Key Features:

  Can be customized as per the needs of the user.

  No. of grids may be increased or decreased.

  Grids can be modified, changed, edited.

  Provision for sound recording in .mp3 format.



  Aakash Bani 1.0 [ Download ]

  Aakash Bani 2.0 [ Download ]

  Aakash Bani 3.0 [ Download ]


  Gup Shup [ Download ]


  Talking Keyboard [ Download ]


  Talking Predictive Keyboard [ Download ]